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Restaurants again

I felt a tad "flamed" by a writer who dismissed my comments about new
restaurant low fat rules (supposedly) promulgated by the government.

Nobody is more critical of restaurants than myself. Sometimes I just
hate going out, being lied to about their food, having to become a
food lecturer (and threatening them that I will walk out if I get fat
in my food). It's tiresome and I don't like being negative all the time.

Restaurants are supposed to be "fun" and a time of relaxation and
pleasure with spouse, significant other, or friends. We don't have
to clean up the kitchen dishes or the mess ourselves. The food is
supposed to be yummy and satisfying. For us VLF people, restaurants
are a trial of body and soul. Our efforts at locating suitable ones
becomes Herculean, and most of the time we are disappointed and

In that environment, ANYTHING that will force (some) restaurants
to properly identify their food would be a help. I said in my 
original post that (I suspected) some Southern States would make
almost no attempt to police the new rules...with California making
probably the best attempt. 

I was not celebrating the industry, I assure you readers. I also
recognize that a number of foods are still not properly identified,
or the writing is so small that you need a magnifying glass to read
the labels. 

But I do celebrate ANY attempt to improve the situation, rather than
concentrating on the lack of decent food for VLF vegetarians at
almost every restaurant. I do not include dry lettuce salads with
a single hunk of red cardboard pretending to be a vegetable as food.

The post dismissing my comments about the new labeling rules misses
my point. Anything would be an improvement over what exists now. 

I know a dry, old, dead salad are what the restaurant world thinks 
vegetarians only eat...because that's all most have for us. And 
baked potatoes are only available after 5 pm. Three dry baked 
potatoes and dry salad comprises our restaurant world...And most
often restaurant food is absolutely soaked in fat. Eat well....eat home.

Mike Rosenblatt