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Re: substitute for wines in recipes?

Hi Reggie!
	So many times I would love to try a recipe that includes some
kind of wine or liquor, but my husband will not eat anything that has any alcoholics bev. in it, even if I tell him all the alcohol has been
driven off in the cooking. Do you know of any ingredients and the
amounts used to substitute for say, sherry, Madeira,red+white wine,
etc.? I know that sometimes you can use extracts to give the flavor of
rum and brandy, and just adjust the amt. of liquid in the recipe for the
	Any info you can send my way would be greatly appreciated. Just post it to the list, as there are, I'm sure, other people who choose not
to use wines, etc.. in cooking, but would like to know what to use in
place of it. TIA.....   Take care!    Mary Sue, in Strafford, NH