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My dessert posting of yesterday

I wrote:
>(Sorry, not vegan -- do any of you who follow vegan diets have substitutes
that will>work in this recipe?)

Hillary Ross wrote:
Hi Lyn,
Not vegan, and also not vegetarian, unfortunately.  Jello contains
which is made from pigs. 

Oops!  How did I forget this one?  I know I knew this in the past, but
have not eliminated it from my diet as I am vegetarian for health rather
than social reasons., and since jello has no fat I did not think of it
as an animal product (like, for example, bologna).  I truly didn't mean
to violate the rules of the list -- I just forgot jello was made from
pigs.  I should have remembered -- most of my college friends were
Muslims, who do not eat pork and so wouldn't eat anything with gelatin
in it.  Next recipe I pick, I PROMISE to make sure everything in it is
vegetarian, if not vegan.  Thank you Hillary for pointing out my error
in a loving way.  ~~Lyn