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SF restaurants / mustards

Debbie wanted restaurant recommendations in San Fransisco.  I was just there a
few weeks ago and had a fabulous dinner at 'Millenium'- great and interesting
VLF veg food.  I ate at 'Greens' a few years ago and (it's vegetarian), but I
found it very high fat.  This last trip I ended up at 'McKormic&Kuletos' - a
seafood place in Gheridelli (sp!) square.  I told the server that I was a
vegetarian and they did a lovely grilled veggie plate for me with a great
marinade, polenta and a sprig of fresh rosemary!  The regular menu was almost
all seafood.  So ask, or call a head and you might be pleasently surprized when
going to a non-veg place.  Good Luck!

I also wanted to bring up one of my favorite condiments: mustard!  I  use it to
season (a dollop in a savory stew or soup) and as a dressing (mix one to one
with mango vinegar).  There are so many great mustard-creations out there now. 
I highly recomend finding one that fits your taste and using it a lot. 
Recently I found a 'smokey oinion' and a 'garlic-balsamic' that I really love. 
These 'gourmet' mustards are not cheap!, but I think they are worth it and a
little goes a long way.

Pam D