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Good news from restaurants!

Finally the government is forcing restaurants to truthfully
label food as vlf (meaning it is less than 3 gms per usual
size serving). These new rules will require that the food
be truthfully labeled, a new feature. Monitoring their
truthfullness will be the responsibility of the individual
states, so obviously this will be highly variable. 

Most Southern states will probably not monitor at all,
and California will probably monitor the most. 

To VLF readers out of the the U.S., this will not
of course apply. We VLF people are really sick and
tired of restaurants in general. I wonder how much
improvement these new rules will engender?

I suppose it will take time to catch on. Some
restaurants like TGIFs have made an effort to
truthfully label their VLF food, and at least
have some available. I think we should appreciate
them for it.

Mike Rosenblatt