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Re: Portland restaurants

On May 28,  3:12am, Jessica Shawl wrote:

> Hi!
>   I'm going to be in Portland for a few days at the end of next week, and
> I'm wondering if anyone has restaurant recommendations?

Hi Jess!  I've been keeping a list of Portland restaurant recommendations, some
I've tried, some I haven't.  I'm always on the lookout for new suggestions too!
 Here you go -- ths list is a couple years old, but hopefully these places are
still around.

1) Macheesmo Mouse -- Chain restaurant with healthy mexican food, various
locations.  There's one right downtown. Definitely good stuff.  They report
nutritional breakdowns of all their food and less than 30% CFF for everything.
 The salsa is great, but I didn't really like the "Boss Sauce".  Veggie burrito
was yummy (on whole wheat tortilla).  Ask them to leave off the low-fat cheese
and/or sour cream sauce to reduce fat even more.

2) Old Wives Tales, 1300 E Burnside, 1-503-238-0470, Portland OR
I haven't been here since "converting" to fat-free, but I remember it as being
very veggie-friendly with a great atmosphere.  Here's what I've heard from
other list members: very accomodating to fatfree people, the menu changes every
the store is clean, and has a good shot at the sundown in the Portland
west hills...  (assuming it's dinner time!).  Real whole wheat bread, no dairy
for vegans, and macrobiotic vegetarian needs can be met here. Plus, new artwork
on the walls, and new music is there every time we are there. This place also

3) Jarra's Ethiopian has a lot of veggie food, and probably reasonably LF
(they're on SE Hawthorne, near 16th).  I went to this one a couple years ago,
and it was was delicious!  I got the veggie combo (lentils, potatoes, spinach)
which was great.  Next time I'll ask them to leave off the cottage cheese.  The
injera was yummy as always.

4)  Leonardo's Pizzeria, 11500 NE 76th, 1-206-253-8666, Vancouver, WA
I haven't been to this one.  Here's the report from another fat-free member:
The climate is basically parrots and the music is juke box.  They are a Mom and
Pop place that go BEYOND PIZZA. They offer wholewheat crust, low cal, low fat
cheese for a vegetarian pizza, and even then they have lots of options! They
have something for everyone.