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baked apples

In a message dated 97-05-28 06:18:33 EDT, you write:

<<  If you follow McDougal, you
 will probably not use this recipe since it has 
 corn sweetener in it. You can leave that out if
 you wish.  >>

a little vanilla gives baked apples a sweet sense and helps cut down the need
for sugar.  my mom-in-law does this baked apple thing  with apple wedges.
 she uses Gala apples.  she also adds nutmeg.  she uses about a tablespoon
sugar on 6 apples, i think even Dr. McD could live with that (although i will
try maple syrup soon!)    it cooks a bit faster than whole apples and is
great plain--or on fat free sorbet or yogurt.     joanna in dc