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Traveling light

I have done alot of travelling over the past few years and have found a few
foods to rely on.  I mostly eat carbohydrate rich foods like rice cakes, fat
free bagels and crackers, all fruits (especially oranges and apples), fat
free pretzels, etc.  I have found it easy to get fatfree yogurts at
convienience stores.    As for steamers, they are VERY usefu on road trips.
 If you bring potatoes and yams with you they can be easily steamed  and are
delicious.  The yams are especially good cold and travel well.  You can also
bring rice to steam.  
   This is my first time writing and I was wondering if any one has
suggestions for a vegetairian diet that I can carry out during training for a
5K race.  I have been having problems getting enough calories, especially