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Here's a food challenge....

Looking for any ideas.  In a few weeks my hubby and I are going to the Grand
Prix du Canada in Montreal. The race is held at Isle Notre Dame, which is,
basically, a big park.  In the past, food choices available have ranged from
McDonalds one year to coffee truck fair to nothing.  The last few years, we
brought non-vegetarian sandwiches, which is still fine for Glen, but I am looking
for some travel-friendly ideas.  I am staying in an apartment hotel, so I will have
a fridge for over night food storage and a cooler at the track.  It is a new hotel to
us, so I am not sure if there is a supermarket in the area, but I am sure I can
find basic fruit and maybe some veggies in the "corner store" type places.  Any
ideas for lunches?  Breakfast and dinner I can handle, but I am stumped as to
what to bring to the track for lunch.  I am even willing to cart any food from
Toronto with me on the train to eat there, but I am not sure what will survive the
journey and what will taste good.    Help!

Thanks for any suggestions in advance!  Go Schumacher go!