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Re: Restaurants in Southern VA

> Hi All!
> We will be visiting our daughter in Blacksburg, VA at the end of
> May.  Anyone know of good vegetarian restaurants in either
> Blacksburg or Roanoke?
> Also, we will be in Greenville, SC that same weekend.  Ditto for
> Greenville. Thanks! Linda in NJ

I live in Blacksburg, and I'd recommend South Main Cafe for lunch or
dinner.  It has good VLF and vegan choices, and the prices are decent.
 It's changed management since I was there last, but I understand that
the menu is the same as before.  For simple lunches, (sandwiches,
soups, salads) I'd suggest Gillie's on College Avenue.  If you like
various Mediterranean foods, I understand that Cuszan's Delicatessen
on US460 at the Marketplace is good, with lots of veggie choices--it
recently opened, and I haven't been there yet.  The Three-Legged Cow
in Floyd is excellent (also with lots of VLF/vegan items), but it's a
bit out of the way unless you want to look at scenery.  In Roanoke,
surprisingly enough, I've had a harder time finding VLF and mostly
vegetarian choices; perhaps I haven't looked well enough.  There's one
small restaurant near the City Market (may be the nameless one
mentioned in the other reply), which I've been meaning to try, but I
can't remember the name... I think it starts with Harmony, though. :/ 
The Mount Olive Grill downtown (can't remember which street, but
downtown's not that big--it's near the big parking building) is good,
but not VLF.  There are a couple of Mongolian Grill choices, including
the Dynasty and Genghis Khan.  Other than that, I'm not sure what to
suggest there.

Good luck!