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Roasted garlic

I made Kathleen Schuller's Dijon Mushroom Potatoes from digest 76 last 
night. I thought they were really great, so I'll repost the recipe 
later...but I wanted to talk about roasted garlic first. I added a clove 
to the recipe and it really helped I think.

First of all...I have previously tried roasting garlic just 'as is', 
without peeling, separating or wrapping in any way. I always got a bitter 
flavour. This time, I separated but didn't peel the cloves, and wrapped 
them in an airtight, slightly loose foil package, then baked them for 20 
minutes at Gas Mark 7 (This is fairly hot. Sorry I don't have my 
Centigrade/Fahrenheit conversion tables with me. I'll try and remember to 
post a conversion on Monday). They turned out great.

What do you do with it? Mix with mashed chickpeas, some stock powder and 
lots of lemon juice to make lowfat houmous. Mix with baked aubergine and 
roasted, peeled red peppers to make a kind of baba ghanoush. Add it to 
Kathleens' potato recipe! Spread on bread instead of butter...

OK, now I'll do the recipe repost (I will post some of my own recipes 
soon, honest...)


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