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Re: veg.burgers

Kim asked for a terrific recipe for veggie burgers... this recipe is
actually vegan, for those who are interested.

I use lentils as a base, and then add whatever else to taste.  I start
with dried lentils, and simmer them in an appropriate amount of water
(about 2 cups water to 1 cup lentils, I think).  I often throw a little
bit on ginger in, too.  When all the water is absorbed, you'll have a huge
squishy pile of lentils, which can be put in a bowl and easily mashed with
a fork.  I then add heaping amounts of curry and chili powder, some rice,
raisins, and sesame seeds (note that these will add some fat), and a few
other spices to taste.  Make patties and throw them on a non-stick frying
pan until they're browned to your liking.  Note the liquid content of the
burgers - if the mixture is too dry, they tend to crumble when cooking.  A
bit sticky (add some water) seems to be a great consistency.

Originally from a cookbook called Mother Nature's Garden, and adapted from