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Delurking with something that I concocted last night
after picking 8 small zukes from my garden.

Heated some stock in pan, when sizzling
add rounds of zucchini (my were in one layer). 

Stir around (or toss).  Add about 1/3 can of crushed 
tomato puree (basically tomatoes that have been  mashed 
a bit - not smooth) and continue to cook. Just a few 
minutes before serving, add  ~8 leaves of basil that 
have been roughly chopped.

My 2 children (6 & 3) said yuck until they tasted
it. Then it was all-thumbs up.  It was very fresh
tasting. I imagine when my tomatoes start to come 
in the dish can only get better.

I served this with a pasta e faglioli -type of recipe
that I also concocted, but that wasn't quite there
as for taste...

Cheers & thanks for the ideas/recipes.... 
Back to lurk-mode.

Jill Wilker, jwilker@xxxxxxxxx