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chipotle, epazote

>In the recipe ' Potatoes: Chipotle and Rosemary ' posted in #78, Dianna
>refers to chipotle pepper and also to a sprig of epazote.  What are the
>English/Australian terms for these ingredients?

Not sure if this will help, but I'll tell you what I know:
Chipotle peppers are smoked jalapeno peppers, and epazote is an herb.  If I
remember right, it's a weed found throughout Mexico and Central America...
often used as a digestive aide in cooking beans, which is why I'm growing
some in my herb garden!  Epazote is pretty hard to find fresh 'round here
(Houston, TX) so I've ordered it dried from Penzy's mail order spice company
until I found a couple of plants at a local plant show.  It has a nice, but
rather mild flavor, so I'm not sure the recipe needs it.  

The smoky, complex heat of the chipotle is wonderful for sauces, these
potatoes, etc.  Actually, I often make a chili paste by heating dried
chipotle peppers to soften them, then grinding with garlic, onion, and a
little salt.  I've always loved ancho and chipotle peppers, but never knew
how to use them until (dare I admit it?) Martha Steward and the Rosa
Mexicano restaurant showed how on TV!  The paste is easy to use in dips,
beans, casseroles, mixed with fruit juice for a sauce, etc.