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abuse of this mailing list

Howdy, your list owner here,

I just deleted an advertisement from the digest version of this list.
It was sent from a hotmail.com address.  I plan to report the abuse of
this list to hotmail, but I suspect they are unlikely to do anything
about this.  I encourage our hotmail.com readers to complain to
abuse@xxxxxxxxxxx about 'realdread@xxxxxxxxxxx' and his spamming of
this mailing list.

In the future I may moderate all postings coming from free email
services such as hotmail.com because they are so often used to do
email abuse, but if abuse of this list becomes common from such
addresses, I may be forced to disallow subscribing to this list from
sites such as juno.com and hotmail.com.  

Just a reminder about the advertisment policy of this list: all new
subscribers are sent a terms of use file which specifies:


Last Updated: 16 February 1997

Subscribers to the FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List are required to
abide by the following terms of use.  If you do not agree to these
terms or do not feel you are able to follow them, for whatever reason,
please unsubscribe to this mailing list.  Thank you.


2.  No Commercial/Advocacy Postings (unless pre-approved)

	Commercial or advocacy postings may not be made to FATFREE even
	if the posting itself is purely informational.  A commercial
	posting is one made by a person or on behalf of a person or
	organization selling a product or service containing
	information about that product or service.  An advocacy
	posting is one aimed at collecting mass organized support for
	a political, economic, or social cause.  Explicitly prohibited
	postings are posts of the type: "X is a great new product with
	all these benefits, email me for more info."  Announcements of
	seminars where products (vitamins, etc) are sold are also
	prohibited. This prohibition does not apply to unaffiliated
	end-consumers making unsolicited recommendations on products
	and services (note, the key here is *unaffiliated* and

	From time to time I *pre-approve* limited, on-topic commercial
	postings. Pre-approval is required (email me at
	fatfree-REQUEST@xxxxxxxxxxx).  Usually the only postings approved
	are book/cookbook/food product postings with specific
	relevance to very low fat vegetarian diets, made by long-term
	members of the FATFREE list.  It helps if readers of the list
	are offered a genuine discount on the product or service that
	is not available to the general community.

	I will remove postings in violation of this policy from the

I take such violations very seriously.

Thanks for your time,

Michelle Dick
Owner, FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List