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tamales & chat room

Hi, all.

Recently someone asked about making tamales.  A couple friends and I got
together and made a couple hundred tamales last summer.  It was more fun
that way and the tamales freeze well for later.

For the coating we followed the recipe on the bag of masa harina except
that we substituted unsweeted apple sauce for the fat.  The applesauce
did not make the tamales sweet at all.  It worked quite well.  We made
two different fillings for the tamales.  One was a seasoned potato and
bean mixture (my personal favorite) and the other was a TVP chile
mixture, also quite good.  I'm sorry I don't have an exact recipe for
you, but I didn't write any of this down.  Hope this helps.

In another digest someone mentioned that a chat room would be fun and I
agree.  I'm not one for chat rooms much because they are usually stupid
IMHO, but with a specific topic like fatfree food and nutrition I would
be interested.  Anyone else?

Michelle Morley and Rod Sheumaker
Colorado Springs, Colorado