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>Would anyone have  a polenta or semolina based dessert???

>I have some polenta in my refrigerator that I originally
>          bought for a recipe that I did not read thoroughly, and
>          ended up being very difficult to convert.  Anyone have any
>          ideas what I could do with it?
I've got a recipe that suggests dividing the portions in half, making one
sweet and the other savoury:

2 cups water
1 tsp salt
5 oz (125g) polenta

Boil polenta until water is absorbed (the recipe says 20 min., but instant
polenta is of course much quicker.)
Divide the mixture in two.

To the polenta, add 1 tsp yeast extract, and spread on a pan 1/2" thick.
Chill.  The next day, cover with sliced tomatoes and ff grated cheese or ff
parmesan.  Grill or bake until warmed through and cheese has melted.

Using the warm 'pudding' after the initial cooking, add honey and softened
dried fruit.  Fresh cranberries are another option.

Hope this helps!



Sharon McCleave BSc(Hons)Ost, MRO
Reg'd Osteopath