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tofu uses

Tofu uses:

You can make eggless egg salad sandwiches.  Just drain tofu if in a
refrigerated tub and then mash, add celery, onion and fatfree dressing of
choice.  The tofu that is not refrigerated I haven't used for this, but seems
it would be ok. 

Also tofu (refrig. type) can be frozen for different texture, by draining
very well and then cut in cubes and freeze.  Then thaw and stir fry as usual.

I use the shelf type by cutting into cubes and stir frying awhile in
herbs/seasonings, little broth of choice and then set aside. Make vegetarian
soup and toss in tofu to blend with soup a few minutes before serving.

There are also envelopes of fatfree tofu scramble, like Tofu Mate, just
follow easy instructions.  Found in health food stores.  You can pop cubes of
tofu in casseroles, soups, stir fry, salads etc.  

The vegan web site also gives nutrition information for  vegans.  

I asked the leading grocery store chain here if they'd order the vegetarian
Better Than Bouillon and they said yes, and will call me when in--what they
had on the shelf was ham/beef/chicken jars.