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I've been reading the fatfree list for about a week now, and have a _lot_ of
questions.  Approximately 18 months ago I decided to eat VLF and have since
reduced my weight from 195lbs to 158lbs.  I'm feeling terrific, but people 
are "spooking" me saying that I'm not getting enough proteins.  The only
meet I eat is Salmon, but I'm ready to drop it and don't want to  end up
missing some "vital protein."  

I purchased tofu for the firsr time today, and haven't a clue what to do with
it.  Also, I read on the list where someone suggested raw soy beans were good
in salads and such.  I've never seen a soy bean, so I don't know how soft
they are AND I was told that "beans" when not cooked are poisonous - is this
a myth?   Would someone mind telling me what SAD stands for?