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Ideas for Omnivore lunch

I have found that the SAD eater can usually tolerate sandwiches made with a 
bean spread (pureed and spiced) with soy cheese in some kind of tempting bread 
like a pita or multigrain loaf.  Lettuce and pickles for dressing up usually 
helps, too.  Unfortunately, I do not have the bean spread recipe accessible, am 
remodeling and my recipe box is in storage, but someone out there may have 
one.  I can tinker a bit to redevelop one from memory too.
Cold soba or udon noodles with a peanut or fermented soy sauce might strike 
your Omnivore's fancy, the noodles are filling and satisfying.  Lastly, 
knocking out the meat is good, but then ease the fat out to avoid the deprived 
feeling - that is based on personal experience.