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Irish Oats vs. regular oats?

I've noticed in a couple of postings that people use steel-cut oats in 
their recipes.  I looked at my local commissary, and found among the 
oatmeals, a couple of kinds of Irish oatmeal, (one of them steel-cut) 
and some Scottish oats.  My question is, what's the big difference, 
other than the price?  A humongous box of good old-fashioned Quaker Oats 
costs about $1.27 at the commissary, but the irish and Scottish oats go 
for $3 to $5 a box, for a pretty small container (and I have three small 
oatmeal-lovers to fee besides myself & the hubby, si unfortunately price 
IS an issue.) Can anyone enlighten me on this?  
BTW, I have only been on this list a short time, but I am learning a lot 
& enjoying the recipes a great deal.  Thanks for your help.