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Phyllo leaves

Hello everybody --

So, for Easter dinner I'm supposed to bring a vegetable side dish, I thought
I'd make a spinach pie with phyllo leaves. But I never used phyllo before,
and in looking at the recipes, I discovered that I'm supposed to baste every
sheet of pastry with butter! Yowza!  I'm not opposed to an occasional
splurge, but this is ridiculous. Plus I had my heart somewhat set on making
something vegetarian and low fat  that my SAD family would enjoy.

Is it possible, cooking with phyllo leaves without using all that butter?
Or is this just one of those things I'm going to have to do without?

I'd appreciate hearing from anybody with any experience.  

Thanks in advance,

PS If you have some ideas that aren't sound for the list please feel free to
mail me directly at kwalton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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