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pumpkin pie

re: pumpkin pie     Last Thanksgiving, I was just too rushed to try to do a 
ff pie crust, so I lowered the fat as much as possible in the crusts for 
the SAD & hf vegetarian eaters (figure it out :-)     Then I cooked pie 
filling only in a non-stick pie pan, increasing the recipe by half - as 
though I were baking 1 1/2 pies.  After cooling, I unmolded it onto a 
pretty plate and decorated it with some non-dairy ff whipped stuff.   It 
looked and tasted great!   Next time, I will be more prepared with a better 
grade of decoration, maybe some dried fruit, or fresh fruit slices.  An 
acceptable ff vegan "whipped cream" may even be out there.

All the pie fillings were lf, I used EggBeaters(egg whites) & ff condensed 
milk in one version, and the vegan tofu version that has been posted here 
for the other.  I have one relative who is allergic to soy and I prefer 
vegan versions, so choices get interesting!