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Re: Ramen noodles

> Subject: Ramen noodles
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> 	Does anyone know the actual fat content in the ramen noodles? I
> thought they were made with tropical oils...?
> Sara

Sorry to tell you, Ramen is terribly high in fat... that's because the
noodles are pre-cooked & then DEEP-FRIED to a "tough" texture, so it only
takes 2 minutes to boil and soften them to eat. Each serving pack is about
35g of fat, at that level of fat, I dun think you would care if it was
saturated or not.

I avoid Ramen like the plague... coz it's high in fat, low in nutritional
value, high in sodium... and it has what we Singaporeans call, MSG
(monosodium something...) in it... which is bad for the system & causes
thinning hair as well...

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