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making tofu

hello all-

does anyone out there make their own tofu and soymilk?  i've enjoyed doing it a
couple of times with good success and would like to talk to others about it.  

Along that line, i read that you could freeze excess soymilk (very desirable!)
and thaw it when you
needed it;  it would always be available and fresher than prepackaged stuff! 
so i tried it, and it froze beautifully.  then when i needed it a week later, i
thawed it slowly, overnight in our fridge.  the next day it had curds, similar
to tofu curds settling out of it.  i was puzzled and didn't know what to do,
and finally left it there long enough for it to go sour.  any comments from you
homemade soymilk drinkers?