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Re: -frosted mini-wheats (barbara's version is vegan, i think)

In a message dated 97-03-25 08:54:12 EST, Jim_Shoenfelt@xxxxxxxx writes:

<< How do I get ahold of "barbara's mini-wheats?" >>

I was referring to Barbara's Bakery, a brand of cereal and other processed
low fat, natural foods.  They have some type of mini-wheat cereal,  Shredded
spoonfuls (not sure if it is "frosted.")  They carry this brand at Fresh
Fields and I assume at other health food stores.  They also make a nice
Frosted Cornflake that is fat free & kosher but includes honey as an
ingredient, so their other products may also.  Their address is 3900 Cypress
Drive, Petaluma California 94954.  Joanna in DC