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Unidentified subject!

I love the sound of the pumpkin pie (even though its not a kiwi thing, I did
have it a few times as a kid) but we can't get ready-made shells over here.  I
have never been successful in making pie crusts fatfree or even lowfat - any

The following is what I make for dinner ALOT - it takes about 20 minutes start
to finish. Throw in whatever veges you have:

Slice 1 onion (or chop it up real small if you like me have a partner who picks
them out - sacrilege!)
and saute in vege stock and about 1T soy sauce with a couple of chopped cloves
of garlic and about a teaspoon of grated ginger (keep in in the freezer and it
grates really easy).  
Meanwhile put a pot of rice (or some other grain like bulgar , or maybe
noodles?) on to cook.
Back to the veges - throw in lots of diced kumara (sweet potato), keep adding
more stock as required.  Add chopped carrots, spring onions, cauli, broccoli,
and LOADS OF CAPSICUM (the red ones are best because they are so sweet but I
use both).  You have to add things so they all end up cooked at roughly the
same time.  Add a tablespoon on sweet chilli sauce if you like.  I guess you
can add tofu or beans too.  Drain the rice and throw it in, mix well and add
more soy sauce/chilli to taste.  I never get sick of this one.  (it is sort of
a cross between stir frying and steaming I guess)

On the topic of snack food, could someone describe a pretzel to me.  The only
ones I have found here are little hard things that actually look kind of greasy
- no nutritional info on the pack so who can tell!
We can get these great munchy soya pieces (I will have to find the list of what
is in them but there is no added fat) and I love taties cooked in the microwave
(they are made of potato flour I think).