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Re: meal-in-a-cup in New Zealand

I wonder how expensive the mail order route would be for this sort 
of thing, or even if it's legal.  I think Dr. McDougall's meals are  
less than $1 apiece when you buy a box of 6 or 12,d,  Don't know 
what postage to New Zealand would be, but it's hard to imagine it 
would come to $7 apiece!

They are 98% fat free -- no added oil, no cholesterol, high fiber, 
and quite good.  They all taste much better than any of the others 
out there that I have tried (and I've tried several brands).  I was 
not fond of the split pea, but I'm not fond of split peas, so that 
might be Dr. McD's fault.

If you're interested in looking into that, I'll check one of my 
mail order forms and get you the information.  I could also call 
and see if they can mail to New Zealand.