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Commercial yeast

Susan, (97,23) mentioned that I use 1-1/2 Tablepoons of commercial yeast. 
I meant to say that I use 1 Tablespoon, one teaspoon, and 1/2

But for getting a great rise out of 100% whole wheat (plus some gluten), I
do use a heaping tablespoon.

The neat thing about commercial yeast is that it is forgiving, yet at the
same time does the job.

A few years ago I became one of those cooks we all used to hate (and guess
some of us still hate) when I started to realize that the whole world
wasn't going to come to a crashing end if I used a little more or less of
an ingredient (tumeric, cardamom, and some hot peppers excepted!).

A pinch of this and a smidge of that and don't forget a couple of shakes

Cooks like that used to drive me right up a WALL!  I carefully measured
everything.  I "proofed" my yeast.  Now I've become my mother and
grandmother.  I use the same BBB (bing, bang, boom) type of recipes.

But hey, after some 40 years of cooking either get good or get out of the
kitchen, right?

Lots of love to you all...