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Simplicity sandwiches

I've recently been forced into medical retirement.  Although I hate the
idea of being retarded...retired, I'm especially running out of quick lunch

So...sprouts to the rescue!  I've been taking whatever veggies are in the
'fridge and slicing them thinly and filling the inside of the sandwich with
fresh sprouts.

Yesterday I had some roma tomatoes available and some red onion.  Sliced a
couple of pieces of whole wheat bread, sliced up the whole tomato, a piece
of the onion, and plenty of sprouts.


I've done the same recently with cucumber and celery, red pepper (so
SWEET!) and, well, you get the idea.

Fat?  Who even thinks about fat?  At the most 1.5 grams?  And for someone
who is on aobut 15 grams of fat a day, need I say how important it is to
keep the fat intake way down?  

No need to add any kind of dressing to the sandwiches 'cause anything else
would just spoil the taste of the veggies.

The best part (for me) is that I used to use shredded lettuce for the bulk
of the sandwich.  Now I've gone back to sprouting my own alfalfa seeds. 
It's a LOT cheaper than lettuce and gives just as much "cruch" for the