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Traveling and tortillas

VLF tortillas are stocked in many regular grocery stores here in Texas.  Of
course the larger the tortilla, the higher the fat content, but that's from
the wheat, not added fat.

When traveling, breakfast can be horrendous unless you bring your own. 
Fortunately, that's not all that hard to do.  I pack some dry cereal and
dry Tofu Moo.  Or there's the old stand by, fruit.

An apple, banana, orange, you name it...and you can eat it right there in
your room.  Bring something with which to heat water and you can enjoy a
cup of Roma or other coffee substitute, too.

Lunch and dinner?  I try to hit cafeterias.  Plenty of steamed veggies
available and usually some French bread (no fat added) with which to enjoy
them.  (Why do cafeteria workers always ask, "You want cheese on that?"
when you've just gone through all sorts of contortions to make sure that
the veggies are steamed with no added fat?)

I used to think of Chinese restaurants as being fairly safe until proven
wrong too many times.  They'll steam the food, then add fat.  Don't know
WHY they feel they have to do that, but . . .  And I'll not bore you with
the many requests I've made for NO MSG...hah!

Fast foods are possible.  Stick to Wendy's and their steamed potato (love
it with ketchup) and a dry salad.  I've yet to find an acceptable dressing,
so I load up on the wet stuff (tomatoes, etc.), then I don't need a
dressing.  Even if they have a fat free dressing (almost never) eating as a
vegan can be a real pain at times...there's almost always milk in the