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On 28Feb97 Karl asked about using Oatrim, a fat substitute.  He mentioned that 
on the bag there was a biscuit recipe.  One thing I have found is that by 
tweaking slightly, most baking recipes can be adjusted without bad results.  In 
this case, I would begin by trying to create scones, a sweeter version of a 
biscuit, usually with dried fruits or chocolate added.  Scones generally also 
have dairy added, in that case use your favorite milk sub.  Also consider the 
liquid/powder ratios - if Oatrim is a powder, there may not be a lot of options 
other than heavy baked items such as biscuits and cookies; you may not be able 
to make cakes other the heavier applesauce and banana dessert breads.  I would 
like to find this product and begin experimenting as well.  Was it ordered 
through the mail, or found at a co-op?  Thanks to everyone who helped with the 
TVP dilemma!  Susan