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Re: tortillas

Maggie asked about pasty problems... Basically, the pasty-ness didn't
bother me.  I noticed that if I made corn tortillas, they seemed to turn
out a bit less pasty (I just added a bunch of cornmeal).  I'm sure there
must be something you can add to help with having too much excess flour...
perhaps a thicker liquid than water, like soy milk?  The wax paper is a
good idea, too - I'll have to give it a shot.

Paul asked about rolling... you can roll them to whatever size and
thickness you desire.  I haven't had any problems with them breaking apart
or anything like that.  Sometimes (fajitas, for instance), I want thicker
tortillas, so I don't even roll them and just smush with the palm of my
hand.  Also, to make taco shells, I cook them for a little while on one
side and then fold it over and cook the outsides.