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Eating in Zimbabwe

>I am planning to go to Zimbabwe in may.
>I wonder what are the eating abit in this country.
>Does anyone have idea if it is easy to have a 
>ff diet?

I have been to Zimbabwe a few times (my husband is Rhodesian) and the main
impressions I have of the food is that it is what I would call typically
English, (from about the 70's).  As an example we were presented with an egg
coated with mayonaise for a starter - isn't that rather 70's?   No insult
intended to English or Zimbabwean/Rhodesians.

We had a lots of braii's (barbecues) and I don't remember seeing anything on
the grill other than meat.  You will usually get a range of salads but often
they are covered in mayonaise type dressings.  There's always bread and
yoghurt, but I wouldn't guarantee getting low fat yoghurt (maybe if you ask!)

The staple diet of the local people is sadsa - made from corn meal and
delicious with any kind of gravy - you might find some nice veges to have
with it - yum!!

Of course if you are staying somewhere and doing your own cooking you will
be able to find all the basic ingredients, but I wouldn't count on finding
all the things you are used to.

However the people are so friendly and the wildlife so spectacular that I'd
not worry too much about the food, eat as well as you can and just enjoy!!

If we have any people from Zim/SA I'll be interested in what you have to say!!

Annabel Gregory              ^^
Perth, Western Australia     >< (
kudu@xxxxxxxxxxxx           (  ))