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yams/alfalfa sprouts/London

>Does anyone have any recipes for yams?  Recipes for people who don't
>like yams???
>Lee Ann

I hated yams when i was young, but now I really love them.  My favorite is
to bake them slow and long in the "REAL" oven, be sure to poke them with a
fork and place them on foil, they do make a sticky mess.  Bake them at 350
for at least one hour.  Then I let them cool and eat them cold, they are
sweet and candy- like, yum.
They also make as great creamy soup.  Just peel, cube, and boil them, maybe
add a couple carrots, then puree in a fod processer or blender, add some
ginger, a bit of salt, and the cooking liquid as needed for consistency.
Optional, add soy or skim milk for creaminess.

I add cubed sweet potatoes to vegetable soups and stews.

BTW, you won't find true yams in this country, regardless of what they are
labeled, they are varieties of sweet potatoes.

>Alfalfa sprouts, Can these be frozen?  I accidentally bought too much
>(didn't know they could
>be packed so tightly!) and don't want them to go bad, but also don't have an
>immediate use for them.

No, they will turn to a nasty slime.  Instead use them up, put them on
sandwiches, add them to salads, pile some on a salad plate and top with
sliced cukes and onions, etc, yum

>I'll be visiting London England next week and would like to know if anyone
>knows of any vegetarian restaurants there.  Any suggestions would be

Juanita,I was in London last summer and before we went, I searched the
Vegetarian Resource Guide on the web for restaurants.  There was one that
we never made it to called Crank's very imformal and looked interesting,
This is a chain, various locations around town.  We found that our best bet
was to stick with ethnic places, specifically Italian, Indian, etc.  These
are not necessarily low fat, but they are veggie.  There are Italian places
on every block.
There is a really yummy place in the Copvent Garden area, (where there is
also a Crank's) an African restaurant, can't for the life of me recall the
name but if you find it in guide books, be sure to go there.  Yummy
interesting spicy food with many veggie options.
Oh, and there are department stores called Marks and Spencer, they have a
huge grocery store connected with lots of prepared foods, we picked up
loads of wonderful salads and veggie sandwiches for lunches in a park.

Jan Gordon <jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I don't know the key to success,
But the key to failure is
Trying to please everybody.  --Bill Cosby