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re:green potato skins

On Tue, 11 Mar 1997, Anne Cox wrote:

> About green potato skins:  chlorophyll wouldn't be a problem, but green 
> potatoes indicate solananine, a toxin.  It isn't good for anyone, but 
> severely irritates my normally quiet arthritis.   I avoid all potato skins. 

I didn't see this topic come up the first time, but I must defend potato 

Raw green skins do contain solananine, but after cooking, it breaks down 
so there is no longer any toxin in the skins.  I doubt that eating a few 
raw green skins would cause anyone serious health problems (due to the 
toxicity) except in cases like Anne's where it is exaggerating an already 
present condition.
The whole point doesn't matter much, because the green part is also 
bitter, so you probably wouldn't want to eat it anyway.

Potato skins are high in fiber though, so they are a very healthy part of 
the potato.  Unless I'm making a recipe that specifically calls for 
peeled potatoes, I always leave them on (due in part to healthiness, due 
in part to laziness).

So eat those skins unless they're green!  :)

Susan Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill
Go Heels!!