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Re: Quark?

On Mon, 10 Mar 1997 vmodrsi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Regarding Victoria's listing of "convenience" foods she relies on in 
> Germany--what in the world is "quark"? I thought it was a term used in 
> astronomy or astrophysics or some related discipline. (Of course I have 
> no idea what it means in that context either :-( ).

Quarks are the building blocks of protons and neutrons, which are in 
turn the building blocks of atoms.  This falls under the category of 
particle physics.

In Germany, however, quark is a soft white cheese--sort of a combo 
between cream cheese and cottage cheese.  It's generally unavailable 
in the U.S. except maybe in some specialty shops.  (I've never seen it 
here, but it must be available _somewhere_ in the country!)
I think that homemade yogurt cheese is a reasonable sub for quark, but 
I'm not sure, since I've never tried either and am going by hearsay.

Susan "Ask more physics questions!" Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill
Go Heels!!