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Convenience foods

These are some convenience  staples (I think that no one has listed yet).

For breakfast:
Gimme Lean sausage flavor (slice & brown in nonstock pan for breakfast treat)
Trader Joe's herb potatoes & three pepper melange (if I have time I throw
in extra onions, but great breakfast potato mixture even without)
BJ's Crusteaz FF blueberry muffin mix (a bit overprocessed for everyday, but 
 these come out like bakery ones for minimum effort)

For snacks:
No Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix FF (mixes up w/NF yogurt)
Hain Dessert Mixes (veggie jello)
NF yogurts and pudding (Hunt's snack pack uses caraggeenan so it's veg)
Various Fantastic Foods and Nile Spice soup cups (high in sodium, alas).
FF has a breakfast cereal line also, the Mango oat bran is great IMHO.

For Dinners:
Nasoya noodles (cooks in 2 minutes) as well as all kinds of dried pasta
Emerald Cove Seaweed salads (Arame Ginger, Sesame Hijiki, Spicy Kombu)...
drain & top the bagged greens for a fancy salad, or heat the whole
jar and dump on the Nasoya noodles :-)
Sunja's Kimchee (nice spicy condiment out of a jar)
Teriyaki flavored seitan (add to stir fry or top those noodles again)
JustWhites powdered egg whites (so I never have to run out for eggs!)
NF raviolis (Putney's makes some interesting ones, wild mushroom w/garlic,
 black bean and habanero, etc)