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Here are some little tidbits taken from the Wellness Made Easy - 365 Tips
for better health from the Univ. of California at Berkeley - Wellness

There are some really informative tips, hope you enjoy and I can send
more if anyone is interested.

Food and Nutrition:

To get the most nutrients from our baked potato, eat the potato skin. 
Ounce for ounce, skin has far more fiber, iron, potassium, and B
vitamins than the flesh.  The only reason to avoid the skin is if the
potato has greenish tinge.  That's chlorophyll, a sign that the potato
has bee exposed to too much light after harvest.  

Rounding out the top 10 nutrition all-stars among fruits and vegetables,
along with broccoli and kale, are cantaloupe, carrots, mangoes, pumpkin,
red bell peppers, spinach, strawberries, and sweet potato.

Here's an economical alternative to using a vege. oil in an aerosol can. 
To cut down on the fats you use in frying foods and in greasing baking
pans, just measure out half a tsp. of oil ( about 20 cals.) and apply it
with paper towel or a basting brush. or use a nonstick pan.

To lower the proportion of fat in your hamburger, substitute beans (such
as mashed black beans) or grains (such as cooked bulgur or rice) for
some of the chopped meat.  The beans and grains are not just extender,
they also enhance the flavor and boost the fiber content.  

For great black bean burgers try morningstar in the frozen section of the
grocery store they are absolutely delicious with minimal fat I think

Here's a high-fiber alternative to tomato or cream sauces on pasta: toss
the cooked pasta with canned or homemade lentil or other bean soup. 
This is a quick version of the nutritious pasta-and-bean dishes popular
in Italy.

To get the most from vitamin C pills, divide your dose in half and take
twice a day. Since the body eliminates C in about 12 hours, this will
keep blood levels high throughout the day.
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