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Could someone please post a quick list of the more popular acronyms used 
on this list.  I am new at the vegetarian thing, although I have been 
working on lo fat to fat free for a while.  I keep reading about 
someone's SAD husband, and it sounds like he leads a miserable life, sad 
all the time, poor thing!  I have no idea what this one means.  Is VLF 
Very Low Fat, or Vegetarian Lo Fat?  A common list would be helpful to 
this newbie.  Thanks so much.  And while I'm here, I'll share my best 
(so-far) vegetarian and very low fat family pleaser.  I sort of threw it 
together one day when I was invited to a pot luck but the food had to be 

Make up some rice, any kind you like, so that you end up with about 4 
cups cooked.  Add to this two cans of fatfree vegetarian refried beans. 
 (Or, if you find yourself with enough time, make up a pound of pinto 
beans from dried, make them well done & mash 'em up good.)  This is 
pretty thick and gooey, so add a can of mexican-style stewed tomatoes or 
regular stewed tomatoes if you don't want too much spice.  Add some 
all-purpose seasoning of choice, (SPIKE is good), and salt if you use 
it, and put the whole thing into a caasserole.  Top with fat free grated 
cheddar cheese, and bake until the cheese is melted and getting just a 
bit browned around the edges.  For some reason this simple dish is a 
fantastic favorite with my crew, and we make burritos from the leftovers 
the next day, and serve with salsa and fat-free sour cream.  I have 3 
kids who can be picky eaters at times, but they LOVE this stuff.  It 
doesn't have a name yet, but it sure is good.  Bright blessings, all!