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Don't Forget those Artichokes!

Here in Oregon, it's artichoke season.  They're not grown here that I know
of, but they show up in the markets at almost affordable prices this time of

I think they're a terriffic snack!

I bring some very salty water to a boil, add my artichoke, and weigh it down
so that it will stay in the water, then I boil it for 30 minutes or until
the bottom leaves pull off easily.  Then I slide the flesh off each leaf
with my lower teeth until I've eaten all of the larger leaves.  Next I cut
off the fuzz, peel the sides and cut a bit off the bottom if necessary, then
I enjoy the heart.  By that time I'm completely full and have consumed only
approximately 60 calories and  2/10ths of a gram of fat.

Asparagus is in season for us now, too.  I just nuke them then salt them
slightly.  BTW, a trick with asparagus:  Snap them just as far up the stem
as they will snap. Cook the upper portion as is after washing; peel the
lower, tougher portions of the stems.  It's just the outer skin that makes
this part tough.  This way you get much more asparagus for your money.

Sherry in Orygun