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convenience food

Hi all,

Michelle asked about convenience food.  Seems like lately that's all we
ever eat -- when I don't get home until after 8, and Dan doesn't get home
until after 9, somehow the willingness to cook something fancy and involved
just isn't there... :)

Anyways, here's what we keep on hand for those mid-week nights when we're
just too toasty to cook:

- Pasta, all kinds of shapes and sizes (2 lbs of each) and jarred
  sauces (Millina's, Muir Glen and/or Healthy Choice are all available
  around here with fatfree vegan varieties).
- Frozen veggies.  Both Birdseye and Green Giant have these great
  mixed frozen veggie packages of all sorts (varying combinations of
  broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, carrots, onions, mushrooms,
  sugar peas, etc.).  Three bags of mixed veggies just thrown in a
  pot and heated, served over white rice, with a dash of tamari and
  balsamic vinegar, makes enough for 2 hearty eaters to eat a full
  meal and still have enough leftovers for lunch the next day.
- Campbell's Home Cookin' Savory Lentil soup -- minimum 2 cans.
  One can is one serving, around here...
- Bagels, bananas, other random fruit when we can find it even
  close to ripe.
- Commercial cereals make a great snack.  Total and Quaker Oatmeal
  Squares are the most common ones you'll find in our cupboard.
- Extra bags of frozen bell peppers.  One bag of peppers, an onion
  and three cans of refried beans (or 3 various cans of canned beans)
  along with some cumin and cayenne, served over brown rice -- a common
  quick meal around here (and filling!)...  I can't tolerate the smell
  of the bell peppers I find in the grocery store produce aisles this
  time of year -- they stink of chemicals, somehow.

We also keep corn chips (baked Tostitos) and pretzels around, but like
Michelle have been known to polish off an entire bag of either at a 
single sitting (and with an entire jar of Shaw's Southwestern Salsa,
to boot.  For those of you in New England where there's a Shaw's
Supermarket nearby, check out their private-label Southwestern Salsa.
Tasty stuff, especially the Medium heat variety...)

Lately, this stuff is about all we eat.  Other than Dan's black bean
soup venture last week, we haven't had the mental interest in doing
anything fancy in months.  Just too many hours at work lately... (and
no hint of it changing any time soon, for either of us).  So I'm
definitely interested in this thread topic! :)