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Convience foods I keep on hand when I'm really on the right track:
(I've been a little left of the right track lately :>)

Pita bread & Tortillas
Cold salads to roll into the above (Coucous, Garbanzo bean, Tabouli- from 
   the middle eastern deli down the street, or homemade totally FF when I'm 
   that driven :>)
Rice cakes, Bag Salads (w/ rice wine vinegar & a pita..yumm), Grapes (vital),
Baby carrots & FF dip

I, too, can eat a whole bag of the baked tortilla chips :( What I've 
found *I* enjoy just as much, but DON'T eat endlessly-- FF pretzels 
dipped in salsa mixed w/ FF Sourcream (the black & white cow decorated 
kind). I dunno if it's because pretzels take more chewing :) :) or I 
drink more (water) when I eat them, or if they just take longer to eat.. 
but 3-5 of those rod pretzels will do me fine for a snack.
I've outlawed the baked chips... the regular ones are so greasy they 
don't tempt me, but the baked ones... forget it :)

- Marya