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More Toast and a Tip

Hi Kathy,

Fat-free cream cheese sounds wonderful but we don't have it in Japan. We
recently got skim milk, and there is absolutely no fat free cheese. I found
soy cheese last year.
Dairy is not big here. It has it's good and bad points.......
We do have yogurt but only one brand is totally fat free and it's hard to
find. I make my own with the recently new skim milk.

Doe's anybody know how to make yogurt cheese?
Also I read about apple butter does some one out there have a simple recipe?

I tryed the Tofu Fruit Spead my family wanted it for desert.
I did try it on a piece of bread and it was nice thank you...................

Just a tip........If you ever get stuck having to eat something greasy or
fatty drink oolong tea or jasmine these teas break down oils in the body.
The chinese have been drinking them for years...................
We drink it here in Japan a lot too........