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Thanks for the great recipes!

I have been lurking for a while and decided it was time to participate.  I
tried the smoothie recipe someone posted a while back -- it was made with a
container of nonfat yogurt which had been frozen and some fruit and skim milk
. . . it was FANTASTIC!!  Very filling.  I have also made copies of many,
many other recipes that I want to try!  I have been a semi-vegetarian for
several years now (no red meat, very little fish or poultry) but my diet has
been far from low-fat.  However, I have recently lost 71 pounds by modifying
my diet and eating low-fat and I think I am ready to take the plunge and go
strictly vegetarian.  I haven't had fish or poultry in the house in about a
year. . . Anyhow, I was really happy to find this!  I will post a couple
recipes soon.  In the meantime, thanks to everyone!!
Happily yours,
A. Lurker (aka Screams4@xxxxxxx)