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Re: cholesterol and VLF (Ornish)

Cynthia Richter <rich0036@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What has happened to your cholesterol readings since you've been 
> eating VLF?
> I'm wondering because I noticed an note in Dean Ornish's book, 
> Reversing Heart Disease (1990), that a vegetarian low-fat diet 
> might result in low HDL (the "good" cholesterol) and high 
> triglyceride levels (p. 269).  Has this been your experience??  

This question comes up frequently, both in my Healing Heart support
groups and at Ornish's residential retreats.

Only some of those who start the lifestyle changes recommended by 
Ornish have temporary elevations in their triglyceride levels. After 
2 to 3 months, triglycerides usually fall to levels considerably lower
than before starting the program. Of the more than 650 persons who 
have gone through my 10 week program, only about a third showed 
temporary triglyeride raises, yet all of them came down to levels
in the normal range.

HDL cholesterol seems to respond greatly to aerobic exercise. Those
persons who committed to a program of at least 45 minutes daily had
the greatest improvement in HDL (and the largest reduction of LDL).

To date, not one person who fully participated in my support groups
(inspired by Ornish's program, but not affiliated with it) has has a
lowering of HDL that didn't reverse to a net improvement in five 
weeks or less.

I'm convinced that following Ornish's recommendations is the most 
powerful way to reverse and prevent heart disease one can find. 
For my personal reversal, I chose to be a little stricter than
Ornish, and follow a totally vegan nutritional program, as John
McDougall recommends. Giving up all dairy and egg products resulted
in the end of lifelong allergies and arthritis, well worth the small
additional change. 
Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii <> AH6HM