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VLF & cholesterol

In a message dated 97-06-01 07:02:26 EDT, you write:

<< What has happened to your cholesterol readings since you've been eating

when i switched to McDougall eating.  i went down from 245 to 170 in three
weeks.  it has stayed down the past years.  my doctor was thrilled.  if my
high HDL went down it didn't go far down enough to cause concern.  i now eat
more or less McDougall/Ornish and get stricter if the scale starts creeping
up.  I cook  strictly McDougall (vegan, no added fat) but am a little more
casual eating out although i am still vegetarian and avoid obvious dairy
except for a little yogurt.  my weakness is baked goods & sweets (although i
can eat limited quantities and satisfy my cravings) including Haagen Dasz FF
Choc Sorbet (which, alas, has eggwhite).    joanna in DC