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Request for Recipes

Hi All!

I have been overseeing the transformation of my beautiful Victorian
manor house in Maryland into a B&B which will open next year.

For a long time, I struggled with trying to juggle ideas for satisfying
anyone who might come; however, since my core values are vegan, I have
finally decided to be true to my own heart and open the B&B as a vegan
one offering vegan non-fat/VLF foods using only fresh, healthy, natural
ingredients, organic when possible.

Naturally, I would like all my guests to enjoy the food I prepare which
will be food that is nourishing and very healthy. I've done very well
adapting many favorite breakfast foods to healthy alternatives and have
a vast array of ideas and recipes to choose from.

To provide guests with their favorite recipes from Glyndon Manor B&B as
well as encouraging healthier eating habits and tastes, I plan to
self-publish and sell a vegan, fat-free/vlf breakfast cookbook.

I welcome any STANDOUT breakfast recipes you all would like to offer. In
return for recipes published in the book (after much testing, of course)
I will:

	? name the recipe for the contributor and
	? send a copy of the cookbook.

Please post or send privately any recipes you may have that qualify. I
will keep very careful records and will notify every contributor whose
recipes are used as soon as the decision is made.

For every contributor whose recipe doesn't make it into the book, I will
offer a 20 per cent discount from the selling price for your trouble.

In advance, many thanks to anyone who respond to this request!!!


Sandy Laken