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Would you all please share your recipes?

Hi Everyone:   I'm hoping all of you can help me.....

I've heard that the last 20 lbs is the hardest well thats all I want to
loose....and I just can't seem to get started.

My weakness is my snacks and I have a sweet tooth usually for chocolate.

But I am hoping you all will send me some low cal/low fat main course
recipes and some HEALTHY snack.  I think if I get enough of a variety to
eat I won't get bored.  I know about Snackwells but while they are low/or
no fat they seem high in calories for one brownie...and an apple just
doesnt' quite cut it.  I can eat the apple then eat 10 cookies.

Any of you get hungry again within an hour after eating a full meal?
That happens to me all the time....

Anyway I've rattled on long enough. Here's hoping you will be sending me
some healthy recipes. If you know the calorie and fat count I would like
to know that also....

Thanks, so much, Lynn