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Unidentified subject!

Frank's request for tasty summer veggie burgers jogged my memory...

The July issue of Consumer Reports rated store-bought veggie burgers on
flavor and texture.

They distinguished the burgers into two groups;  "meat types," those
intending to mimick meat in taste and texture, and "grain types".  Of the
meat types, Boca Burger Chef Max's Favorite came out on top, but does
contain 4 grams of fat per burger.  The runner-up meat-type burger was
Morningstar Farms Better 'n Burgers with 0 grams of fat per patty.

Of the grain type burgers, Morningstar Farms Garden Vege Patties, a
Consumer Report Best Buy was ranked first.  However, these burgers contain
4 grams of fat per patty.  Unfortunately, none of the six grain type
burgers rated by CR were fat-free.